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Our mission is to provide financial support and leadership to midwifery-led clinics operating in rural communities. 


Our vision is to hire and up skill local midwives and staff to provide dignified and compassionate care in birth centres.


Mama Imara is a Canadian not-for-profit organisation that seeks to serve and support safe birthing practices in low resourced areas around the world by providing financial support and leadership to midwifery-led clinics. Their pilot project, Amani Family Centre in Uganda, is located in one of Uganda’s poorest communities providing free (and vital) maternal health and family support. Uganda’s maternal mortality rate is one of the highest in the world at 343 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. Mama Imara exists to raise funds to ensure free, dignified, and compassionate maternal care is continually available for these women through their pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal period.

Our ultimate goal is to build, staff, and operate multiple birth clinics in Uganda and beyond. We dream of equipping community members with healthcare, as well as management and administrative skills and experience, ultimately to be fully operational without the support of Mama Imara. 

As we expand our fundraising programs and engage ongoing corporate and individual donors and grant money we will be able to hire a country director to be onsite to ensure all activities and funds are directed to the mandate of providing mothers with respectful, safe and midwifery-led care. We plan to use this model to fund additional clinics in other communities, with the goal of training and hiring local midwives to operate and administer the clinics to create sustainability of care and create jobs for these talented women.

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